Härtelstraße 10 I Construction status report 31.07.2013

The following works were reviewed and confirmed by our experts:

Preparatory work before the installation of the local concrete for the base plate and a examination of the built formwork, reinforcement according to detailed design, penetrations and built underground pipes with taps, floor drains and conduits (media).
Encapsulation of the elevator shaft, the surrounding walls, and bracings in UG / EC and shoring the core insulation of the house connection side and gable end towards the neighboring building.
Examination of concreting after completion baseplate to surface and material properties, flatness, and penetrations of the foundation earth. Execution of the load-bearing and non-load bearing interior walls in the basement / EC verification of dimensional stability (clear dimensions in plan, room dimensions, wall openings). Vertical design of the walls, angular tolerances and flatness tolerances.