Germany, a new burger restaurant is planned to open in Berlin

Five Guys company plans to open a new burger restaurant on Potsdamer Platz.

560 square meters of internal and external space.

“With Five Guys, we managed to attract a traditional gastronomic company with an international reputation to an outstanding place on Potsdamer Platz,” said Roger Goyk, Director of Retail at Brookfield Properties.

The creation of a green, pedestrian-friendly and lively urban quarter with a high quality of living by 2025.

The Alte Potsdamer Strasse will be transformed into a pedestrian zone with high-quality gastronomic areas, including outdoor dining.

In the spring of 2020, the complete transformation of the former gaming halls into a new shopping and entertainment quarter has already begun. The opening is scheduled for 2022.

“Potsdamer Platz is an ideal place to show our guests how delicious fresh, hand-made and individually stuffed burgers can be. Our business philosophy is no different from that of Brookfield: we want to create something simple and good – and offer something for everyone, ” commented Joerg Gilcher, head of the Five Guys representative office in Germany.

Quelle:  immobilienmanager.de

Foto: pixabay.com

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