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Rental price brake in Lower Saxony declared invalid

Lower Saxony has to improve and re-adopt the rent brake three years after it comes into force. The Hanover District Court has declared the law to be ineffective. The reason is a simple formal error. According to the Ministry of Construction, the correction will take at least six months. Farewell and justification must coincide The […]


Real estate ownership plays a vital role in wealth

The Germans are getting richer. According to a study, property ownership in particular increases wealth considerably. According to a study by the German Institute for Economic Research, the population aged 17 and over had almost 103,000 euros in 2017. This means that individual assets have climbed an average of 22 percent since 2012. Unequal distribution […]


Berlin Senate approves a bill on rent price cap.

Red-red-green coalition decides on the rent price cap. The act relieves tenants of 2.5 billion euros. Now the parliament has to vote in favour. For the second time, the Senate had dealt with the bill to price cap and lower rents in Berlin and found it good. Now the planned rent cap will be brought […]


Real estate boom splits Germany into poor and rich

For a long time Germany was considered a country where houses are barely more expensive. The real estate hype since the 1990s was elsewhere: in the US, UK or Spain. But this decade, German apartments and houses suddenly become more expensive. Researchers are now finding that this drastically increases the differences between rich and poor. […]


Property tax reform until the end of 2019

The federal and state governments have agreed on certain cornerstones for a new regulation of property tax. Against the currently favored value-dependent model, in which the age of buildings and the average rental costs are the basis of assessment, comes now from Bavaria resistance, where a surface model is required. The amendment until the end […]


That’s what Berliners think about the expropriation of the housing companies

According to a representative Forsa survey for the newspaper, 35 percent consider expropriations to be “fundamentally sensible”. In January, the proponents were in the majority. A Berlin initiative is currently collecting signatures to apply for a referendum. It requires companies with more than 3000 apartments to be “socialized” against compensation. Source: bz-berlin.de Image: pixabay.com


Big plans for Halles Marketplace

Greening of the market place According to initial plans, the area around the Handel statue could be planted. In the past, turf was repeatedly laid around the statue. The administration could imagine trees in the area of ​​the Commerzbank and in front of the townhouse as well as in front of the Handel statue. Since […]


Worth knowing: Halle in numbers

Did you know…?! Halle has a total area of ​​135 km² and is divided into 95 districts. The more than 241,000 inhabitants can use about 14% of the total area for pure relaxation. Over 5 km² in Halle are public green areas and parks. The forest area in Halle is, among other things thanks to […]


Landlords market in Germany

Even if the Federal Government’s aim is to promote home ownership, Germany will remain the country with the lowest self-owned property rate (45%) in the EU after Switzerland (39%) in the medium term. Until now, the pressure on the tenant markets in the conurbations and centers of the Federal Republic has not been sustainably reduced. […]


Overview of the Real Estate Market in Leipzig

Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany. By population (about 570 000 people) it is the largest city of Saxony – the federal state of Germany, and the tenth in the country as a whole. Known for its Uni Leipzig University and Leipziger Messe fairs, Leipzig is the economic, cultural, scientific and transport center […]


Germany: the apartments offer far below the demand

The volume of supply on the market of apartments in Germany will increase 2015 year to 260, 000-270 000 objects, that is, about 20 000 flats more than in 2014. However, this level of supply does not correspond to the annual level of demand, to meet which you want from 350 000 to 400 000 […]


The results of the autumn exhibition “Realty Fair” which took place in Kiev´s Sports Palace at the 1-3 of October 2015

1-3 of October 2015 was held the regular international exhibition “Real Estate Fair” at the Kiev Sports Palace organized by the company “Royal Grand Media”. The participants of the III International exhibition were 80 of Ukrainian and foreign real estate companies from 15 countries around the world and from the Ukraine. The “Real Estate Fair” […]


Rising prices for residential property in Germany will be about 3%

The leading organization of the German mortgage lending LandesVausParkassen belonging to the group of Savings Bank, suggests that the rise in prices for residential real estate in Germany this year will slow to 2% -3%, which is almost twice lower growth rates in the past year. This tells the weekly professional Property Investor Europe . […]

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Any time gives opportunities

About last Exhibition… Our company Lion Holding GmbH took part in one of the most prestigious real estate events, Moscow International Property Show 2014 on November 14-15, 2014 with about 190 participants from the different countries. In two days of work the exhibition attracted more than 7,5 thousand people. During this successful event participants exchanged […]

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The 5th Real Estate Fair

One of the most anticipated exhibitions – “THE 5th Real Estate Fair” – took place in Krasnoyarsk from October 23 to October 25, 2014 Our company Lion Holding GmbH participated in this specialized exhibition “Real Estate Fair”. The total number of participants made 75 companies from foreign countries and Russia. In the exhibition there were […]


We invite you to visit our stand in the Real Estate Fairs!

We invite you to visit our stand in the Real Estate Fairs! October 23-25, 2014 Real Estate Fair 5th specialized exhibition of items of immovable property, real estate activities, property development services, mortgage lending and property insurance services. Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company SIBERIA International Exhibition Business Centre 19, Aviatorov St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia 23-24 October — […]


Härtelstraße 10 I Construction status report 31.07.2013

The following works were reviewed and confirmed by our experts: Preparatory work before the installation of the local concrete for the base plate and a examination of the built formwork, reinforcement according to detailed design, penetrations and built underground pipes with taps, floor drains and conduits (media). Encapsulation of the elevator shaft, the surrounding walls, and […]