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LEIPZIG, the apartment rental market in Germany

In Leipzig, we can follow up an increase in the migration growth of the population by 10% since 2014, which entails interest in the apartment rental market both from the local population and from new arrivals.

Leipzig has a more attractive level of rent in relation to larger cities, but due to a reduction in the supply of apartments, modernization and construction of new buildings, rental housing prices have also increased significantly here,

on average:

by 30 % – 40% – since 2014

from 5.20 € / m2 to 6.80 €/m2 – 8.09 €/m2 depending on the area.

Currently, in Leipzig, many areas are being changed and modernized at the expense of existing buildings and new developments, which entails additional space for rental housing: the eastern districts of the city have a special potential to consider for rental housing.





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