Big plans for Halles Marketplace

Greening of the market place

According to initial plans, the area around the Handel statue could be planted. In the past, turf was repeatedly laid around the statue. The administration could imagine trees in the area of ​​the Commerzbank and in front of the townhouse as well as in front of the Handel statue. Since the plants can not be planted directly in the soil due to the soil conditions, they would then have to stand in certain plant trays.

Fixed stalls for the market

During the „Workshop for the future“ also fixed market stalls were a big topic. Following the example of the Munich Viktualienmarkt. In a rough idea, the fixed market stalls are in front of the town hall on the east side of the market place. Lord Mayor Bernd Wiegand announced an interest-sharing process to find out the interests of the companies.

Family friendly market

The market should also be more attractive to families. That’s how the idea of ​​a small playground came into being, which should reflect Halle as the city of the towers on the river Saale. In addition, the marketplace should be used as a venue, especially in summer, such as be used for “open-air cinema”. In addition, the city government is planning by popular demand public toilets in the marketplace.

Source: MZ


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